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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-12-25)

  1. dEUS (11)
  2. The Kills (10)
  3. Tata Bojs (6)
  4. Hans Zimmer (5)
  5. Vypsaná fiXa (5)

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-12-18)

  1. Ahn Trio (5)
  2. Sea Wolf (2)
  3. Arcade Fire (1)
  4. Florence + The Machine (1)
  5. The Soft Pack (1)

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Katharine Ross, The Graduate, 1967. Photographed by Bob Willoughby.

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I guarantee you that no modern story scheme, even plotlessness, will give a reader genuine satisfaction, unless one of those old-fashioned plots is smuggled in somewhere. I don’t praise plots as accurate representations of life, but as ways to keep readers reading. When I used to teach creative writing, I would tell the students to make their characters want something right away—even if it’s only a glass of water. Characters paralyzed by the meaninglessness of modern life still have to drink water from time to time. One of my students wrote a story about a nun who got a piece of dental floss stuck between her lower left molars, and who couldn’t get it out all day long. I thought that was wonderful. The story dealt with issues a lot more important than dental floss, but what kept readers going was anxiety about when the dental floss would finally be removed. Nobody could read that story without fishing around in his mouth with a finger.
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New August film?


Vanessa Redgrave is preparing to board the thriller Night Train To Lisbon.

The Coriolanus star is said to be joining Jeremy Irons, Mélanie Laurent and Christopher Lee in Bille August’s big-screen adaptation of Pascal Mercier’s best-seller, reported Screen Daily.

Jeremy is set to take the lead, as a Swiss professor who becomes obsessed with a mysterious book that sends him on a journey to the Portuguese city to discover the book’s secrets.

Jack Huston, August Diehl, Martina Gedeck and a number of Portuguese actors join the cast.

The film - a US, Swiss and German co-production - is set to start shooting in March 2012.

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I’ve never read this but omg there are certain members of this cast that are feeding into certain obsessions of old. IDEC.